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The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is now one of the most popular business structures among smaller organizations. While allowing business owners to remain free from a great deal of the formalities imposed on other types of businesses, it still provides limited liability protection for its owners (members). LLCs are also eligible for "pass-through" taxation, which means that the company's income taxes are only reflected on each owner's personal tax return, not at the business level.
Apply for Ein today with an Expert who will help you by making sure you are not missing on any detailed information. It is Very important for a business to have Tax id made after LLC is formed to file taxes and for other reasons like most banks will ask for EIN while Applying for a New business Bank account. This is just like a business Social Security Number so that it can work with other companies for ex : Contracts from AT&T or Other Major 500 companies. Apply for ein with us today and get a Free 1 page Website for your business
The S Corporation (S Corp) structure is similar to the C Corp, with a few notable differences. The most important of these differences is that S Corps are eligible for special pass through taxation status with the IRS. This allows S Corp owners to avoid double taxation on their business income. S Corps must request pass through taxation status, by filing Form 2553 with IRS after successfully incorporating. To learn more about forming an S Corp, click the link below.

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